Specialty Fertilizer Blend / Impregnation Facility

Since the inception of the Earthwatch fertilizer facility in 1994 technology has evolved to the point that our new design is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Much of the credit goes to Glen Thieman who is the location manager at Shawnee, KS. His hands on management style has helped us rearrange equipment to get the most production out of less labor costs and minimize down time.

He has challenged Earthwatch to develop new equipment that fills the need to produce high quality product at a lower cost/unit.

Together we feel the following designs and floor plan makes the “Generation II’ model a step into the future for micro based fertilizer blend/impregnation facilities

This proposal is extremely flexible to a variety of floor plans. It is based on five separate stations which are independent of each other and can be positioned anywhere in the building.

The design we have chosen makes the best use of time and labor.

Receiving and Cleaning


  • Drive Over Pit minimizes waste and water issues.


  • Screener separates overs, SGN 280, SGN 150, & unders.


  • Conveyors transfer product to split valves for continuous flow.


  • Storage area for gated center flow "pods".


Product Assembly Line

  • 7 pod assembly line feeding belt conveyor to Blender


  • Staging area for cleaned product.



  • Hot Box, "Patented Impregnation System", and Powder applicator.


Transfer Product to Bagging

  • High Capacity unload system for faster turn around.


  • Split valve for continuous unloading


Nurse Station / Bagging


  • Nurse station for constant head pressure and uninterrupted bagging.


  • Bag stacking and pallet wrap area.


  • This plant utilizes existing buildings at this location so the logistics of equipment placement was a challenge.
  • We have designed, what we think is the optimum floor plan for this type of facility.  It flows better and allows maximum use of labor for a more efficient operation.
  • See CAD design below:




Click here for pictures of some of the Blend
plants that we have worked with.