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This is an example of an comprehensive excel spreadsheet for formulation of turf grass products that uses drop down windows for all nutrients plus impregnation capabilities, product pricing, build sheet, and automatically generated labels.

  • The premise of the whole program was to avoid data entry errors from repetitive key strokes.
  • Once you enter in the desired percentage of each nutrient and the amount of slow release products needed, everything else is automatically generated.
  • The Label is unique in that it can be restructured to satisfy:
    • Federal Label Verbiage
    • Individual State Label Verbiage
    • Changes in Vendor "Regulated Product" labels
    • Proprietary Products
    • Bar Coding
    • Application Rates


Getting Started:

  • The Fertilizer sheets need updated pricing and any products you may need to do your blends.
  • Update the fixed costs of supplies used in manufacturing.
  • Enter your blend charge for Standard and Impregnated Blends



Fertilizer Data Sheet


Technical Data Sheet


  • The Technical Data sheet needs to contain the products and active ingredient to determine the lbs/ton needed in a blended batch.
  • This particular sheet has been customized for the pre-blending of Dimension and Dipropylene Glycol which improves the impregnation process.
  • Enter the products for sticking agents, mixing additives, proprietary products, and any enhancements desired.
    • The sticker lbs./ton numbers are based off actual experience in impregnating but could be changed to fit your needs.




  • Until you are familiar with the spread sheet I suggest you build a product you are familiar with.
    • Enter your Company name and Item number
    • Choose the bag size from the drop down list.
  • Now choose the desired percentages of each nutrient.
    • (Red numbers, left hand column)
  • Use the drop down list under Urea to pick alternate sources of Nitrogen.
      • You have a choice of 4 different nitrogen sources and their respective percentages.
        • Located below Nitrogen Breakdown
        • Enter a "0" in the respective box if the Nitrogen source is not needed.
      • The SRN window will indicate the percent of slow release and once you click on the Analysis tab at the bottom of the sheet you will have the exact percentages of each nitrogen source.

      Quote Sheet

  • All other nutrients feature a drop down list to pick source product.
  • The column to the right gives the actual percentage of each macro/micro nutrient added by multi nutrient products.
  • Notice the dates show the last time your product pricing was entered and reminds you of the date you actually built this product.



Quote Sheet - Page 2


  • This is the second page of the Quote Sheet
    • It is for verification of lbs. and price/lb. of product
    • It also references your company and ID number for your records.





Analysis Report









Build Sheet


  • The only thing you can change on the Build Sheet is the number of tons.
  • You will notice the products are in different order for the blending sequence.
    • This allows a better looking product by adding the Urea/Slow Release Products last.
    • It also applies any impregnation products after the product is built.
  • Pod feature can be changed to what ever container you might use
    • This feature was for obvious reasons to deter over loading.










  • The label is generated from the quote sheet. (no data entry errors)
    • It is currently accepted by State agencies throughout the Midwest.
    • It can be customized to your individual needs featuring logo's and proprietary products.
    • It is built for bar coding if necessary




Pallet ID Sheet

  • Pallet ID is just a slip sheet to put under the shrink wrap.
  • Everything is automatic including the size and number of bags.