Jim Allen


Turf grass Agronomist with 20+ Years of Industry Experience


Summary of Skills:

  • A highly qualified, innovative, a dedicated consultant to the turf grass industry working “hands on” with Golf Course Management, Sod farms, Sports turf, Municipalities, and State DOT.
  • Results-oriented professional in conjunction with an exemplary track record of success entailing every aspect from design to management.
  • Ownership of a patent used by the turf grass fertilizer industry to custom impregnate fertilizer to match the requirements based on soil, tissue, and water analysis.
  • Articulate and creative problem solver using scientifically proven methods to rectify the symbiotic relationship of the soil and turf grass eco-system.

Core Competencies:

  • Collecting and Interpretation of Soil, Tissue, and Water Analysis.
  • Managing soil structure by amending the Cation Exchange Capacity.
  • Design and “hands-on” Construction of Golf Courses, Athletic Fields, and Common Areas.
  • Training and Education of employees in Fertility, Water Management, Integrated Pest Management, Regulatory/Environmental, and the Global Harmonized System for SDS sheets.

Key Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in Agronomy certified in “Cool” and “Warm” Season Grasses.
  • 5 years’ experience with Harris Laboratories interpreting soil, tissue, and water analysis.
  • Consulting Agronomist for internationally known Golf Course Construction company building a 27 hole golf course.
  • Daily “hands-on” with soil amendments, fertility, fairway seeding, and sodding.     
  • Used technology by ‘Kamterter Seed Enhancement” for quick establishment of sod and athletic turf.  Established turf plot for University turf team.
  • Built two fertilizer blend plants using my patent “Coating a particulate with a fluid” along with a comprehensive spreadsheet program to customize fertilizer to match soil and turf grass requirements.